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by Michael Jensen Jr

Where have I heard that before? More of the same. It is starting to sound a lot like Bush is back. Spend, spend and more spend. Like a kid with daddy’s credit card.  And he thinks the credit card has unlimited money. Someone needs to tell OBAMA that money doesn’t grow on trees. Oh wait a minute, it does! Did MICHELLE OBAMA plant a real money tree in the White House garden. That  must be one heck of a tree. These people in the White House must think we are drinking the FOOLAID! It’s ok if the other administration does it, but not the other, because there is a good reason why THEY do it. While MICHELLE OBAMA takes vacations and lives it up, we are over here struggling to keep our houses and cars. That is our money they are spending and spending it real good. TIGHTEN OUR BELTS! If we tighten them anymore we’re gonna run out of leather. You’re only giving us a little wiggle room. In the end, you are that rash on my hip that lingers on when you wear a belt that’s too tight for too long. It stings, it burns and it hurts bad! Why don’t you try putting a small size belt on a large man, and watch that thing break? You seem to think one size fits all. Why don’t you try putting on my belt for a day and see how much tighter you can get it? It will embed into your skin like SOCIALISM IS IN EMBEDDED INTO YOUR BRAIN! PEOPLE IT’S TIME TO TAKE OFF THOSE BELTS! AND PASS THEM ON TO THOSE IN DC. AND SEE HOW THEY LIKE TIGHTENING THEIR BELTS.




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